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Ekungok I Estoriå-ta is synergistic project blending the fields of Chamorro language, history and music, using place-based learning for K-12 students as a means to promote, protect, and perpetuate the comprehension of the CHamoru language and Guam history. A pilot of the program was done in School Year 2019-2020 which provided curriculum of historic sites and the story of them in the CHamoru language with an interpretive song to enhance language learning and discourse of the historic site.


During academic year of 2020-2021, Guam Preservation Trust with additional funding from Humanities Guåhan, the National Endowment for Humanities, and the federal CARES Act will continue this project to invite CHamoru language teachers in collaboration with GPT staff songwriters & musicians to produce 10 place-based (historic places) curriculum lesson plans. 


The community will be able to learn more about historic sites that are on the Guam and National Register of Historic Places and to also receive the knowledge lyrically through songs created in the CHamoru language.


Research & Write a Narrative

Based on historical sources, participants will select and write a story/narrative for one of 10 historic sites (see below).

Develop a Curriculum

Participants will develop a curriculum based on the story/narrative. Lesson plans will be complied, edited, printed, and distributed to schools throughout the island. Lesson plans will also be published online.


Collaborate with Song & Dance

Based on the stories/narratives, songs and dances will be composed, created, and professionally recorded by Guam Preservation Trust staff.


Pilot the Curriculum

Each teacher shall pilot the curriculum in their respective classrooms. Teachers will also be guided to produce an online “virtual fieldtrip."


Teacher Benefits


•Transportation allowance for CHamoru Class Fieldtrips or assistance in producing a Virtual Fieldtrip video recording.

Based on historical sources, participants will write a story/narrative and develop a curriculum for one of ten sites for this series.

  1. I Sengsong Pågat yan Anao

  2. I Sengsong Yi’gu

  3. I Sengsong Dedidu

  4. I Sengsong Tumhon

  5. I Sengsong CHalan Pågu

  6. Yilig River

  7. I Sengsong Talo’fo’fo

  8. I Sengsong Santa Rita-Sumai

  9. SMS Cormoran & Tokai Maru

  10. I Sengsong Piti

Feel free to contact Andrew Tenorio at Guam Preservation Trust for any questions related to this project. 

Telephone 671-472-9439    Email:

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