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The Story in Song

Pale Diego Luis de San Vitores
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Pale' Diego Luis de San Vitores


About this Episode:

Host: Rufina Mendiola

Narrative by: Grace Rodriguez

Cultural Dancers: Guma’ Rasan Åcho Latte; Fafana’gue Brian (BJ) Terlaje; Dancers: Ella Balajadia, Marlay Quidachay, Julie Quidachay, Rita Taitague

Vocals, lyrics, and music composed by: Jesse Bais & Ruby Santos; Studio Engineer & Music Arranger: Zachary Quinata;
Musicians: Zachary Quinata, Kameron Quinata, Les Aquiningoc, Ruby Santos, and Jesse Bais; Mastered by: Roberto Aguon

Video Produced by PBS Guam

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